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Greetings from Angel Ariel


All is One.  I, Ariel, am an expression of the One that You Are.  In truth, all is an expression of the One.  The essence of the One is beyond the physical senses.  You are in the process of moving beyond your physical senses—the process of awakening.


All physical expression has its’ Spiritual Counterpart.  It is brought into being (manifestation} by the Spiritual and is maintained or sustained by the Spiritual.  What appears as physical manifestation is also Spiritual, but is perceived through the physical senses and is therefore subject to the distortion of the senses and personal interpretation.


To communicate with God is to communicate with the Spirit (Angels/Expressions) of Creation.  This is the only true communication.  To communicate with a material form (interpretation) is to communicate with nothing—which, of course, is to not communicate.  This is the cause of your pain and frustration in the physical experience.


All physical experience manifests from the inner planes.  Your recognition of the Spiritual Counterpart or Angel beyond form is your recognition of the One Life, All That Is.  You need not concern yourself with anything else because there is nothing else.  This is communication—this is Communion.  This is the Way, the Truth and the Life.


So, cat and dog and chair and planet and person are all interpretations, but beyond them all is their Spiritual Counterpart or Angel—expressions of the One.  This is the Christ that can only be seen with your inner Sight.  You must consciously attune to This.  You are “out of tune”.  Angelic energies function as tuning forks.  By consciously connecting with Angels, you are brought back into harmony with the One.  As you are, your physical experience becomes a reflection of Heaven.



The Dimension of Oneness is your Home.  The lower frequencies of the material realm are alien to you.  That is why the experience of duality/discord is so painful.  As the offspring of your Creator, you are Harmony--the One Song.  In the world of form you have pretended to be something that you are not.  To return to your Reality, it seems that you have to pretend in the beginning.  This is what we call faith or looking beyond appearances.

As you begin the day, send forth the Light of Spirit into your day.  This practice will literally Light your way.  Ask for and expect the help of the Angels.  As you move through your day, continue to express Gratitude and Love.  Let your thanksgiving go before you.  Give a silent Blessing to those you encounter.  "Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise."  This is the practice of Being What You Are.

Angel Ariel



Shining Your Light

When you fail to recognize Spirit you are "hiding your Light under a bushel."  Your awareness of Spirit removes all barriers to the Light through your knowledge of Oneness.  When you respond to anyone or anything in a sense of Love and appreciation you are also joining with Spirit.  All true joining is on the spiritual level and is the recognition of Spirit/Oneness.  This is Communion.

You are the Light and your Radiance flows forth from the Place of Connection.  When you relax and trust in the present moment, you are recognizing Spirit as Source.  You are allowing your Heart's Desires.  If you permit concerns to enter, you begin to "take thought" making plans and defenses and "hiding your Light."  You are blocking your awareness of All That Is.  Concerns arise from the idea of opposition--something other than the One Life/Harmony.  If you are one with all of Creation, then there is nothing real that can oppose or conflict.

So the secret of staying in the Place of Connection is to relax into trust and practice Love and appreciation moment by moment.  If you cannot Love and appreciate something, just know that you have shifted away from the awareness of Spirit and you need to come back to Reality.  Mankind is enamored with duality, but you can't have it both ways.  Actually, only Reality/Oneness exists.  However, when you leave the present moment, you will experience what seems to be duality or opposition because you have accepted the idea of it.

When recognizing Spirit you are using your Inner Vision which overlooks appearances, shining the Light upon everyone and everything.  You are in the world but not of the world.  This is your true vocation.  You are bringing Heaven to earth and fulfilling your function which is to Love, to heal and to bless.  You are in the dimension of the Flow where your physical experience is a reflection of Heaven.

When expressing your True Self, you know that you are Co-Creator with All That Is.  You sense your Power and Oneness and know that all is well for all is the Divine Presence.  This knowledge flowing forth is Light.  What you call darkness is only the unawareness of What You Are.  Why should you deny your Reality and continue to deceive yourself?  Now is the time to take your rightful Place.  Now is the time to stand up inside and Be the Divine Presence.  Now is the time to shine your Light upon All.

Angel Ariel                                                                                                                                                                                             


The Divine Symphony

Just Relax and trust.  Be as a little child.  Let your heart be filled with wonder!  Know that the Universe is a Symphony--the one and only Song.  All that seems to be otherwise are the discordant notes of fear that obscure the eternal Song of Love.

Your true Expression is an essential Note of this one Song.  When you are relaxed in trust or having fun, your heart is sounding your Note.  You are being What You Are and calling to all of Creation to join you in Happiness.  You need only relax and trust to call forth your Heart's Desires.  Only this is freedom.  All defensiveness shuts the prison doors upon you.  Nothing has power over you in truth.  There is no assertion in the Divine Symphony, for It is only Harmony.  You are literally robbed and imprisoned by your fears.

When you relax and trust, you are focused in the present moment.  Your mind is clear and your actions are spontaneous.  You express freely and joyously through the happiness of your heart.  All have experienced the Flow, those times when it seems that you have slipped into another Dimension where all is perfect.  You have.  This is the Realm of your true state where you will eventually dwell eternally.  You have temporarily forgotten that this is your Inheritance, but now you are headed Home.

You cannot and will not be deceived forever.  Be not afraid of the darkness.  When the Light has come, you realize that darkness was nothing but the absence of Light.  You are the Light and It shines forth through your faith and trust in the Divine Symphony.  Fear not, for you cannot "get it wrong".  Creation is already perfect.  You are coming into the awareness of this Perfection.  If anything seems to be amiss, just remember that it is only a temporary distortion of Reality.  And above all else, do not accept the idea of guilt.  For guilt would only be possible if Reality could be changed.  The notes of discord can only obscure the melody of the Symphony temporarily.

You have heard it said that it is always darkest before the dawn.  This is so because, in your darkest experiences, you drop your defenses and pretenses, you cease your discordant sounds of assertion and join in the Song of the Uni-verse (One Verse).  All the world is healed along with you when you sound your Note of Love! 





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